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Albacore Tuna
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Our Albacore Tuna is hook and line caught by the men and women of the Newport Oregon Tuna troll fishing fleet. We fillet the fresh caught Albacore Tuna into boneless, skinless premium loins of the best Albacore tuna you have ever had.

This is the real thing folks. Premium uncooked boneless, skinless fillets (loins) of hook & line caught Albacore Tuna. Great for home canning, Bar-B-Que, tuna casseroles, pan fried, your own home made tuna sandwiches, etc. (Use our real tuna and you will never buy a store bought can again...unless it's our can of Iverson's Gold Albacore Tuna, cooked in its own juices.) $8.99/LB

A six pound package of boneless, skinless fresh frozen Albacore Tuna fillets, SHIPPING INCLUDED $94.95

100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed or all your money back!

Albacore Tuna Loins @$8.99/pound Lbs.

6 Pounds Albacore Tuna-$94.95 Shipping Included