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In our Catalog: smoked new zealand mussels

The South Beach Fish Market's smoked seafood is marinated over night in our own special brine, developed to perfection over the years, then slowly hickory smoked to release the fullest flavors of the individual fresh smoked product. Our smoked WILD Chinook King Salmon, our smoked Albacore Tuna, our smoked Columbia River Sturgeon, our smoked Black Cod (Sablefish)and our smoked Pacific Northwest Oysters are an all OREGON FRESH smoked product. Also we have developed our own hickory smoked Wild Chinook King Salmon candy, tender bits of hickory smoked King Salmon glazed with brown sugar. Our own smoked beef jerky, hot (not for the timid) & mild made from Oregon beef is now available for sale on line.
We also have smoked New Zealand green lip mussels in one pound packages available.
Our smoked canned products include our smoked Pacific Northwest Oysters, smoked Wild Chinook King Salmon, smoked Oregon Albacore Tuna and smoked Columbia River Sturgeon.

These are our own smoked products. We also offer custom smoking upon request.

Smoked Chinook Salmon
Smoked Salmon,smoked chinook salmon, wild chinook salmon,wild king salmon, smoked king salmon, pacific salmon Our Premium WILD Chinook Salmon , hook and line caught by the men and women of the Newport, Oregon salmon troll fishing fleet, is filleted in our plant, brined in a brown sugar, teriyaki, and salt brine for 24 hours, then lightly peppered with lemon pepper, glazed with brown sugar, and smoked to perfection with an alderwood-hickory chip combination.
Our smoked Chinook WILD king Salmon has no artificial preservatives added and must be refrigerated.

The Fish Market's Own Smoked Salmon Lbs.@$34.95/lb

Smoked Salmon,smoked chinook salmon, chinook salmon,king salmon smoked king salmon, pacific salmon

Smoked Albacore Tuna
Tuna, Albacore Tuna,Smoked Tuna, Smoked Albacore Tuna Our own hook and line caught dolphin free Albacore Tuna, caught off the coast of Oregon, is filleted in our plant
and brined in a teriyaki, brown sugar, and salt solution for 24 hours, lightly sprinkled with lemon pepper, glazed, and then smoked to perfection with a mixture of alderwood and hickory chips.

Our Own Smoked Albacore Tuna Lbs.@$19.95/lb

Tuna, Albacore Tuna,Smoked Tuna, Smoked Albacore Tuna

Our Own Smoked Wild Chinook King Salmon Candy
smoked salmon candy,salmon candy, smksalmon candy.gif Smoked Wild Pacific Chinook King Salmon Candy, teriyaki brined, hickory smoked, lightly peppered, lemon pepper, and brown sugar glazed. Bite size chunks of smoked Wild King Salmon, lightly hickory smoked morsels that excite your taste buds with the unique taste of the best of the Wild King of all the Salmon, the Pacific Ocean Chinook Salmon. Our smoked King Salmon are from the mature monster Salmon, 15 to 30 pounders which have the maximun fat content for taste and texture. Once you try our smoked Wild Chinook King Salmon, you too will be hooked!! These smoked Salmon Candy bits are moist and dripping with the unique flavor our highly prized smoked Wild Oregon King Salmon!

Our Own Smoked Wild King Chinook Salmon Lbs.@$39.99/lb

Smoked Black Cod
Smoked Black Cod! Our own highly prized hickory smoked wild Oregon Black Cod (also known as Sablefish) slowly smoked over hickory chips, lightly peppered and glazed with brown sugar. This Black Cod has a very high fish oil content and loaded with Omega 3's.

The Fish Market's Own Smoked Black Cod Lbs.@$28.50/lb

smoked black cod, smkblackcod.gif

Mild and Hot Beef Jerkey
Beef Jerkey The Fish Market's Beef Jerky is sliced from a lean 'eye of the round' cut of grain fed Oregon prime beef, brined in our own secret blend of herbs and spices, then slowly smoked to perfection to release the fullest flavors of the meat.
Available in mild, and very hot .
Custom smoking is also available upon request.

Quantity: Lbs.

Beef Jerkey is an excellent source of Coenzyme Q10, essential for a healthy heart!

Smoked Columbia River Sturgeon
smoked sturgeon, sturgeon, smksturgeon.gif Smoked Columbia River Oregon Sturgeon, hickory smoked, lightly peppered and brown sugar glazed is a nice mild flavored smoked white fish. Large fat fillets, moist and dripping with the unique flavors of the prehistoric monsters of the deep! These are a highly prized smoked item of Oregon.

Our Own Smoked Columbia River Sturgeon Lbs.@$28.50/lb

smoked sturgeon, sturgeon, smokedsturgeoncan.jpg

Smoked Yaquina Bay Oysters
Smoked Oysters, oysters, smokedoystercan.jpg Our fresh Pacific Northwest Oysters are teriyaki brined for 24 hours and then lightly sprinkled with pepper, lemon pepper, and Cajun spice, then smoked with an alderwood and hickory chip combination in our smoker. No artificial preservatives added.

The Fish Market's Own Smoked Oysters Lbs.@$39.95/lb

Smoked Oysters, oysters

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