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Our FRESH whole cooked Oregon Dungeness Crab and FRESH picked crabmeat is our own product. We are located on the central Oregon Coast in a town with 350 commercial fishing vessels in port. We buy live crabs directly from the fishermen and cook them in small batches, to ensure freshness, in front of our store on US Hwy 101 just outside of Newport Oregon. We cook our crabs to perfection, then we quick chill them to stop the cooking process and to shrink the meat away from the shell, allowing our very experienced crab pickers to pick nice big chunks of Oregon Dungeness Crab meat. This is the best, sweetest crab meat to ever pass one's pallet. I personally guarantee that you won't be disappointed. We sell FRESH CRABS AND FRESH CRAB MEAT. Every FRESH whole crab you purchase from us will be full of meat, have all the legs and claws and will be the best Dungeness Crab you have ever eaten. We can supply one or two, for that special occasion, or hundred's, for the all out seafood crab party to be remembered.

Of course, in order that you receive your crab in the best possible condition, please select
Next Day or Second day Air Door to Door Service as the shipping method when you head for the check out stand.
The addition of our own live crab tanks has given us the ability to cook our online product to order,
which means that you will always receive freshly cooked Dungeness Crabs from the South Beach Fish Market.