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A Recipe book
from the South Beach Fish Market
in Newport, Oregon

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Newport Fishermen's Wifes Seafood Cookbook

Dedicated to all the hard working fishermen who risk their lives daily
to support their families and to provide seafood for us all.

A delightful compilation of over 200 tried and true recipes, culled from the files of the wifes of our local fishermen. From the simple and quick to some very elegant presentations, the recipes are divided into chapters including Dungeness Crab, Albacore Tuna, Salmon, Halibut, and Shellfish. This book also includes important information about handling fresh seafood, how to choose the best of the catch, and other interesting facts about seafood in general.

Newport Fishermen's Wifes Seafood Cookbook Copies @17.95 each including shipping

Great recipes are the start to great food, and with these cookbooks,
you are on your way to wonderful seafood dishes!!